The Garvin-Garvey House:
A freedman's cottage.


Cyrus Garvin, a Freedman, built the GARVIN HOUSE on the property of what might have been his former owner Joseph Baynard. Baynard’s house was burned down during the Union attack on Bluffton on June 4, 1863, and the GARVIN HOUSE stands on the exact location where the residence had been located, on a bluff overlooking the May River. Garvin purchased the land, 54 acres, from the Estate of Esther Box on May 10, 1878 for $239.70. The house now sits in parkland owned by Beaufort County.

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"One must be in awe of a man – former slave – who was able to live, work and prosper in the period from 1865 to 1877 when uneasy reconstruction was tense for all involved."
An excerpt from "The Journey of a Freedman’s Family"

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